Bawden and Associates is a specialist intellectual property (IP) law firm.

At Bawden and Associates we provide professional legal services and management consultancy on UK, European and global intellectual property matters including patents, designs, copyright, trade marks and the protection of confidential information.

We specialise in the medical, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields as well as in engineering (chemical, process and mechanical).

Our attorneys have extensive patent expertise before the UK and European Patent Office, especially in opposition and appeal practice, and globally particularly in the US, Japan, India, China and Australia. We also have conducted patent litigation in many jurisdictions including the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Japan and Australia.

Our client base includes multi-national corporations, private clients, small and medium-sized enterprises spin outs, start-ups and universities.

From our extensive in-house experience, we believe IP must be a business-led activity to generate real value. Understanding our clients needs is a key element in providing a business-led IP service. We aim to give a tailored, high quality, value-driven service for each of our clients.